Databricks UpgradeClient

class databricks.feature_engineering.upgrade_client.UpgradeClient(*, feature_store_uri: Optional[str] = None, model_registry_uri: Optional[str] = None)

Bases: object

Client for upgrading workspace feature table metadata to Unity Catalog.

upgrade_workspace_table(*, source_workspace_table: str, target_uc_table: str, overwrite: bool = False) → None

Upgrade a workspace feature table metadata to Unity Catalog.

This api will upgrade the following metadata to Unity Catalog: primary keys, timeseries columns, table comment, column comments, table tags, column tags, notebook lineage, job lineage.

You may safely call this api multiple times with the same source and target table (i.e. this method is idempotent). Metadata from the target table that already matches the source table will not be written again.


You must first upgrade the underlying workspace delta table to Unity Catalog before calling this api. Attempting to call this api before upgrading the underlying delta table will result in an error. Upgrade the workspace delta table by following: Upgrade tables and views to Unity Catalog

  • source_workspace_table – Name of the source workspace feature table.
  • target_uc_table – Name of the Unity Catalog table that source workspace table has been upgraded to.
  • overwrite – Set this to true if you want to overwrite existing target table metadata.